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Vol. IV, Issue #3 - March 2016
** SOM Baseball & MLB News **
      ( a new periodic column for 2016 where we share special news
linked to the SOM Baseball Game and MLB .... stay tuned!! )

Notes from the Wolfman
- This month for the Strat-o-matic Baseball & MLB News page we offer some personal reports from "Opening Day" by two friends who attended (beyond what we shared via Marc Wasserman's column); we introduce you to the Strat Tournament Player's Club Reporters (who will be sharing with our readers going forward news and updates about the live and on-line tournaments they have been offering for years, formerly known as the STAR tournaments) and we travel back in time to chat with Bud Podrazik, not about his strat prowess but his music and the famous song he created for SOM's 50th anniversary! And finally, in the last section on this page we have the full details of a very very special tournament we are offering to our members, that will be extremely beneficial and help you with all future play of your game, find out more details below.


FLASH: FLASH: FLASH: Some Cool Things I found on the Strat-o-matic Website and also on their Facebook Page ...

Wolfman:  I know that quite a few of our members are quite busy - either with their jobs, their families or their leagues (I know I went through two drafts at the beginning of this month); so you don't always have time to see all the amazing stuff the Game Company shares on their website.  So I thought I would bring your attention to a few interesting I found in March, as I was browsing around and preparing for the new 2015 league I will be joining soon on Baseball 365, following the system by our boy, Marc Pelletier. If you have time check these links out:


(January 2016)
(Bob Winberry is legendary, we have been trying to chat with him as well, he is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for Strat-o-matic, which means he is the programmer for all the computer versions of the Strat-o-matic Games, and not just the baseball. Here he is on WDRC, the Talk of Connecticut, as the interviewer has played Strat-o-matic as well, very enlightening, a two part 25 minute interview, go to:

Talk of Connecticut interviews Bob Winberry, Part I

Talk of Connecticut interviews Bob Winberry, Part II

On STRAT-O-MATIC Face Book Page
(SOM asks the gamers to share photos from their leagues during their live drafts, plus there is a link to an interview with Joe Lunardi, who is a college basketball analyst on ESPN by Adam Rosen from the game company. Mr. Lunardi, has played SOM Baseball since 1970, yet another sportscaster who was influenced by Strat-o-matic when he was young, visit their FB Page at:)



FLASH: FLASH: FLASH: Here is our first report of a tournament held by the Strat Tournament Players Club (STPC, the New Jersey tournament on March 5th & 6th, the first tournament of the year for the East Region.

  I wish to thank Jasper Cattin for sending in this report about the STPC tournament held in Denville, New Jersey and for his interview with the champion of this tournament, Brian Favereaux.  Also I found a key post on the STPC East Region Forum made by the Tournament Director, Gene Abood.

Background (via Peter Nelson, advisor to the STPC Council): Denville, N.J. is about 15 miles West of Newark off I-80.  I'm sure it was chosen because of location and because Gene Abood (EAST Rep on the STPC Council and the Tournament  Director for most EAST events) got a good deal from the hotel there (low cost conference rooms and low-cost sleeping rooms. There were 13 participants and the event was held over the March 5th &6th weekend. They split up into two divisions of  8 each where one division had two dummy teams and one division had one dummy team. 

(Editor's Note:  In order to have competitive teams, the minimum draft needs to be based on 8 teams.  Since they didn't have 8 teams for each division, they used a program written by Stan Suderman, one of the winnest STPC members, that creates a simulated draft and recommends the next best players to choose. So when it come time for a dummy team to pick, they use this program to build the team.  So the division with 7 players then had one dummy team and the other division had two dummy teams)

New Jersey Tournament Report
by Jasper Cattin

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter - Jasper Cattin, reporter of STPC New Jersey tournament

Tournament Bracket
Quarter, Semi, Champion Rounds

Brian Favereaux
                  |Brian Favereaux (3-2)
Andrew Gess       |                     |
------------------/                     |Brian Favereaux (3-1)
                                        | Champion
Jerry Dattilo                           | 
------------------\                     |
                  |Jerry Datillo (3-2)  |
Doug Yano         |

Brian Favereaux won his 2nd career tournament in New Jersey this month. He has been playing strat for 30 years, but got into tournaments only 5 years ago. He said the key to his draft was getting a quality bullpen and having a versatile lineup and being able to play in any ballpark and fact any type of pitcher. His team really turned it around after getting beat up by Miguel Sano, he was 6-6 after playing Paul Ferraro and his red-hot Sano who doubled in 5 of 6 consecutive at bats. After that he wen 14-4 including the playoffs.

Brian’s best advice to novice players is to study the cards and take the time to put the right info onto them. He also says that a big mistake he sees many players make is going by the name on the card and not the results the card will produce.

(Note from the Wolfman:  Unfortunately, this will be Jasper only report, as life has got hectic for him and due to personal obligations he won't be able to continue as an STPC - but his report should give our readers an idea of what takes place at the live tournaments ...)

Additional Notes on the Conference via Tournament Director Abood made on the East Region Forum:

Congratulations to Brian F. on winning our first tourney of the year.

We had a great weekend from start to finish. Fun was had by all. The hotel was once again excellent and things very easy. Thanks to everyone who participated, as things went smoothly and the tournament was completed by 7:30 Sunday night.

We had 13 and split into two 8s. For the first tournament, both drafts went extremely quickly and we got started playing around 11 Saturday morning. There were tight races in both groups which led to some fun and excitement. Paul Ferraro and the Andrew Miller demise throughout the tournament. Gene’s K-rod allowing a double to 3 or out in the top of 9th to give up the lead, which would have forced a 3 way shootout.

The weekend also had 3 No-Hitters.

Bruce Fogg threw a combined no-no with - Verlander, Milone, Melancon

Harry Flawd with Jamie Garcia against the Tournament winner Brian F

Paul Ferraro with Jake Arrietta

Playoffs (see the chart by Jasper)

With the first tournament under our belts, we look forward to Albany on April 9/10th.

(Note: -- the East Region website is at: http://easomt.com/ (you have to register to gain access.
-- other locations considered to be in the East Region for future tournaments include Albany, NY; Pittsburgh, PA (shared with the midwest region); Philadelphia, PA)


FLASH: FLASH: FLASH: John Dewan - his STAT of the Week (January 2016) dealing with the top Relievers

Wolfman:  I am a subscriber to the special report John Dewan (our beloved SOM baseball brother and President of Baseball Info Solutions) issues each week called "Stat of the Week".  I thought this one about relief pitchers was interesting.  If you enjoy this report, there is information below how to sign-up to get your own report sent to your email each week - good stuff.


               STAT of the WEEK by John Dewan (via Acta Sports)

Relief Pitcher Leaderboards

January 7, 2016

Context is critically important in evaluating relievers. Beyond just the obvious requirement for a reliever to be deployed with a small lead at the end of a game to earn a save, different relievers face all kinds of more subtle differences in the difficulty of their relief appearances in order to earn saves and other good statistics. Pulling from The 2016 Bill James Handbook, here are a few leaderboards that provide a window into some greater context for relievers from 2015 than what saves alone can provide.

Tough Saves Leaders, 2015
Player Tough Saves
Cody Allen 7
Trevor Rosenthal 4
Dellin Betances 3
Zach Britton 3
Glen Perkins 3
Huston Street 3
Jeurys Familia 3
Brad Ziegler 3

Cody Allen finished outside the top 10 of relievers with 34 saves in 2015, but no one came close to his total of seven Tough Saves. A save is considered "tough" if the relief pitcher enters the game with the tying run on base. Many clubs are willing only to bring in their closers at the start of the ninth inning, but the Indians turned to Allen to help them out of many different jams this season, and he delivered.

Relief Opp On-base Plus Slugging Leaders, 2015
Min. 50 IP
Player Opp OPS
Wade Davis .451
Andrew Miller .475
Dellin Betances .510
Kenley Jansen .513
Brad Ziegler .524

While many of the best relievers are consistently used as their teams’ closers, some setup men are also among the best relievers in baseball. Dellin Betances of the Yankees is one such example. Batters had just a .510 opponent on-base plus slugging against him, better than all but two closers. Meanwhile, his teammate Andrew Miller finished second and new Yankee Aroldis Chapman finished eighth.

Reliever Leverage Index Leaders, 2015
Min. 50 IP
Player Leverage Index
Carson Smith 2.12
Huston Street 2.07
Trevor Rosenthal 2.06
Hector Rondon 2.03
Fernando Rodney 2.01

Tough Saves provide a piece of the reality that not all saves are created equal. Another realization of that concept is leverage index, which measures how critical each situation in a game is based on the possible changes in win expectancy. Just because a closer is used at the end of a game does not mean he is used at the most critical point, but because teams tend to rely on closers in close games, the five relievers with the highest average leverage index in 2015 were all closers, at least for part of the season. The leader, Carson Smith, is also the most interesting name for this offseason since he was recently traded to the Red Sox. Similar to the Yankees, the Red Sox appear to have committed a lot of resources to solidifying the back of their bullpen. Everyone is eager to follow the blueprint established by the World Series champion Royals.

Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter - Bill James Handbook 2016

The Bill James Handbook 2016
(Note: if you put in the code SOMB for your order of this book, you get our 10% member discount)

The prize of our winter hibernation.
—Peter Gammons

The most essential
annual published
for the baseball fan.

—Rob Neyer

Simply put, The Bill James Handbook 2016 is the best and most complete annual baseball reference guide available today. Avid stat fans look forward to it every year, and casual baseball fans enjoy its comprehensive content. This book contains a myriad of stats on every hit, pitch and catch in Major League Baseball's 2015 season.

New and key features include:

  • New! Stolen Base Attempt Times
  • New! Painting the Corners
  • Updated Starting Pitcher Rankings
  • New! 2016 Bill James Hitter and Pitcher Projections
  • The Fielding Bible Awards
  • Q and A on Shifts

Paperback, $28.95
(Member price is $26.06 which includes a 10% discount when you use the code "SOMB")


Copyright © 2016 by John Dewan.
Permission to reprint or broadcast this information is granted only if used in conjunction with the following citation:
"Used with permission from John Dewan's Stat of the Week®,

If you are not already subscribing to John Dewan's Stat of the Week® and would like to start receiving it e-mailed free to your inbox each week, click here to go to our Registration page. Make sure to check the Stat of the Week box before clicking "Sign Up."

ACTA Sports · 4848 N. Clark Street · Chicago, IL 60640 · (800) 397-2282 · www.actasports.com



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INTERVIEW with Jeff Chaput, WBL Commissioner, P-VI (Computer)
INTERVIEW with Ted Wesley, WBL Champion, P-II (Computer)

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