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Our SOM Baseball newsletter offers:

  Key insight and strategies from top gamers!

  Baseball gamer resources for all types and levels of gamers!

  Video Channel Picks and News.

  Interviews and strategies with prominent Strat Community members

  Features and Interviews with Former MLB stars, scouts, writers, personalities, announcers and more

  Bringing the Strat baseball community together for shared interests and activities!

  Products and services to help meet your gaming and baseball related needs!

     Stories and articles from our readers!  See our 2nd annual draft guide for 2018 below!

  Establishing connections, making friends, and building relationships in a friendly setting!



The 2017 Ultimate Strat Baseball Draft Guide, an evaluation of all new players receivng cards in the 2017 set

We are releasing our 2nd annual USBN Baseball Draft Guide - Ranking and Evaluation all the MLB players
who will received their 1st Strat Card (printed and/or computer image), that will be available for your Keeper's League to draft from the 2018 SOM Baseball Card Set based upon the 2017MLB
season.  Stay Tuned for Release Announcement.


Appearing in various issues of the Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter as we enter our 6th year of service:

  Bruce Bundy, SOM Baseball expert, SOM Card Creator, SOM Journalist, SOM Interviewer (with his USBN column, "Strat Thoughts")

  INTERVIEW with GLENN GUZZO: author of "Strat-o-matic Fanatics", SOM columnist.


    INTERVIEW with BRYAN SWANK -- about his father Tom Swank, the first dedicated  
 SOM Baseball ambassador

    REPORT: The BILLY SAMPLE CHALLENGE -- read the report and watch video as one of our members plays ex-MLB Billy Sample with his 1983 Texas Rangers in Strat!!    

   StratAlliance News from around the leagues

   REPORTS from the WOLFMAN -- the early National SOM Conventions from 1972-1980
plus each month he interviews key members of existing SOM Baseball Leagues

   Baseball 365 - We challenge the greatest players and test their strategies to win!

  (For our solitaire players) - How well do you know the cards? Game Tips & Strategies

Our staff, contributors, and advisors:

  Chris Esposito Espo Strat Network, Editor

  Bruce Bundy, USBN Strat-o-matic Analyst

  Doug Brunet Draft Guide editor/Writer

  Pete Nelson, Strat Tournaments Players Club (STPC), advisor for our future on-line tournaments and help to interview their best SOM Baseball Gamers.

  Joshua "Wolfman" Shapiro

  Bart Ewing Contibutor

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